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Welcome to Tirado Entertainment! Follow TE on YouTube!
Welcome to the website for Tirado Entertainment LLC., a video and film production company based in Houston, Texas. No TE productions have been funded by the likes of Harvey Weinstein or any other troll or financial or social hypocrite from Hollywood!

'Dinner Is Served'!

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Mistress Rachelle in
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Small Heading

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Tirado Entertainment is an entertainment company owned by Joey Tirado, a writer-comedian-actor-director who has entertained others all his life. Joey started making comedy spoofs of popular TV series like Star Trek (yes the original series from the 1960s) and Leonard Nimoy's 'In Search Of' at the age of 14, and co-wrote several of his own short comedy skits with his best friend Nick at that time as well.

Joey originally hoped to make a career playing drums in a rock and roll band but eventually...happily, resigned himself to his best skill and purpose: writing comedy stories to entertain himself and as many people as possible. Joey wrote, directed and starred in 'Dinner Is Served' in 2015 about a young woman who wants to have her cake and eat it too in the dating world.

Joey's latest production 'About Joey' is a highbrow comedy series about a passive-aggressive system administrator seeking love and adventure in a hostile and unforgiving world. Check it out on YouTube!!

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