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Welcome Joey Tirado Fans!

Our brand new highbrow comedy series 'About Joey' (initial pilot episode 'Father Figure') will be premiering in Houston, Texas on January 27, 2017 at the beautiful "14 Pews" theater in the Houston Heights area of town.

We are very excited to present what we feel is a top tier comedy series based in Houston, Texas, using Houston actors and technical crew, as part of the broader effort underway to get Houston recognized as a world class center of top of the line movie and television productions.

We are offering a wonderful opportunity and beautiful night to watch a private invitation-only screening of the pilot episode of 'About Joey' filled with champagne, delicious hors d'oeuvres, great friends and fellow movie industry people at $15.00 per ticket. 

This event is to give long time supporters of Joey Tirado's work an exclusive first look at the new series which is being groomed for major broadcast and/or cable television distribution.

Additional episodes of 'About Joey' are waiting to be produced with an initial plan of having 10 installments, not including the pilot episode, ready to go for a full season of hilarious 'About Joey' episodes to share the world over.

Please help us bring this show to a world wide audience by showing continued support in buying a ticket and spreading the word about the series--the more people who know about the show and enjoy it, the better chances at world wide distribution the series will have.

The link below will bring you to the purchase page to buy a ticket for the show. If you received an email from, then you are one of our biggest fans and we want to thank you in advance.

After purchasing a ticket to the 'About Joey' premiere, you should receive an email confirmation along with details about the event. Please respond with any questions you have about the premiere to

Thanks again for your continued support as this entertainment is done for the fans!

To purchase a premiere ticket to 'About Joey - Father Figure':

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