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Private Dancer
Available Actor Roles

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FEMALE lead will be the LOVE INTEREST in the film. The actor should have extensive dance experience--professional dance experience preferred. DANCING in this role will be varied from romantic, to classic or formal to erotic.


This supporting male lead role is the comic sidekick and best friend to MALE Lead. Ideally, the actor will have had some business experience as a senior level manager of a sizeable company or even ran their own business for an extended period of time.


This lead role is filled at the moment. It is the PROTAGONIST role in film. JASON is a somewhat obsessive compulsive real estate developer who has never had much luck securing a long term relationship.


GEORGE MUNOZ is JANICE'S boyfriend who cannot stay out of jail or trouble. When he works and not in jail it is a manual job working in a tire and mechanic shop (in his uncle's shop) which is his latest job. His biggest achievements and goals in life are his never fully completed hot rod car and his latest gang life or thug themed tattoo. George has been Janice's boyfriend for 3 years on and off


This supporting role is filled at the moment. This is the male lead's trusted assistant at the real estate development company that Jason owns and she is also a very good friend and protector of Jason


Arturo is a Councilmember with the City of Houston and is running to be the next Mayor of Houston. Arturo represents the district that Jason's business is in. Arturo is a corrupt and hypocritical politician who chases after Janice and holds the key to Jason's future economic success.


Please submit an email for more information or send a DEMO REEL to along with a short email about which role you are auditioning for or would like to and why.

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