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On the right are the current full feature film projects Tirado Entertainment has in pre-production in the Houston metro area. Currently accepting audition tapes and DEMO REELS for actors looking to participate. Click on the AVAILABLE ROLES button next to each Project's working title for detail on available roles.

This page is new and will be expanded on in the coming weeks. Last Updated : October 12 2021

Private Dancer

Full length film about a loveless real estate developer who falls from a stripper from the barrio. Currently casting Oct-Nov 2021. Email for more information.

Mistress Nikki Booty.jpg



A middle aged salesman has to contend with providing for an unfaithful wife and two demanding daughters starting college after losing a job he's held for 25 years. Email for more information.


Space Man 42


A would be idealist travels to Mars to rescue a failing human colony he architected 10 years earlier to save humanity and his reputation. Email for more information.

Mistress Nikki Booty.jpg
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